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What a waste of money!

I cant believe I spent 99c on this. And they say its regular $2.99!? Man.. glad I didnt spend that!


Waste of money

Can I give a ZERO rating?

Waste of time & money. Isnt worth downloading for FREE. Completely useless. Looks like the videos (when they work) were filmed by a 5-year-old running around the house.

Great techniques

I never write reviews, but felt that this one had several unfair reviews so far. These are some truly great techniques for memorizing information. They take some time and practice to become competent, but the effort is worth it. I used similar techniques to graduate at the top of my class for 2 bachelors degrees and a masters degree. This is well worth the 99 cents.

Steel Trap

I dont usually write reviews but felt I had to on this one. What a waste of money. Videos never work. Tried to download a supposed upgrade that made the videos native to the app instead of web based. It tied up my iPhone forever while it loaded and still didnt work. What a total waste of time and money.

What just happened?

I was supposed to get this for .99 cents and they charged me 2.99. Oh yeah and its useless.

A Must Have App

Not sure whats going on with some of the other reviewers but this has worked flawlessly on my phone. As for the app, its very well made and the techniques actually work!!! It takes time and practice but if you work at it youll see results. So glad I picked this gem up, and kudos to the developer for doing his research on the information he provided.

Appeals to everyone

Well designed and executed, this app truly delivers. Something that will appeal to all ages and types of people: students, professionals...and anyone who feels like theyre losing their mind! It helped me improve my ability to remember names, facts, lists -- everything. User-friendly and thorough, I adopted the techniques quickly and find myself being able to recall information easily. Small investment with a huge payoff. Highly recommended!

Great App...amazing!

Awesome App! Easy to use and very, very, useful.

Video Tutorial Doesnt Play

I was intrigued with this app, until I tried to play the video tutorial on Journey. It was audio for about two minutes and then stopped totally. Need a fix....hurry and I will move this apps rating waaay up.

Senior Moments Gone Forever

Amazing what this app. has done for an old crow like me. At age 73 I didnt think anything could help my memory. But my memory has improved in just a short time with using this "Steel Trap" app. I still cant believe it. All doubting Toms out their give it a try and see for yourself. Its Darn Amazing!!! I quess you can teach and old crow new tricks (Techniques) :) Thanks....Better Memory - No more Senior Moments...Tony

Absolutely Worthless

I cannot believe I wasted my money on this snake oil app. Shame on me. The video does not work to start with and it goes downhill from there.

Unique and Useful.

I love this app and am already addicted to using it. Im surprised that it isnt more expensive. The section on names is priceless. I finally feel confident that Ill no longer be constantly asking, "Whats your name again?". Thank you for developing this!

Rare Find

Kudos to Tiguer LLC and Chester Santos for creating such a gem of an educational app! I feel that what Im learning is life-changing.


This is a beautifully designed, high quality app. All of the videos work for me, so not sure why a couple of others here have seemed to have problems loading them. On occasion, I had to wait a little while for some to fully load, but no big deal. This app is very impressive. If you have ever wanted to be better at remembering things, buying it is a no-brainer.


This is one of the coolest apps Ive ever downloaded! I never realized how much I am actually capable of remembering until I got this app. I am going to use the cards techniques to bring down the house in Vegas! Haha!

Most Educational App Ever

I have personally found this app to be extremely educational and downright fascinating! No one in their right mind could give this a 1 star rating! I can hardly believe that I was able to buy this for only $2.99. I almost feel as if I just robbed somebody!

In my Top 5

This is easily in my top 5 favorite apps of all time. It looks really cool, is easy to use, and the content is unique and enlightening. I feel that Im learning things that will actually help me in multiple areas of my life. The techniques are easy to learn and Ive been able to put them to use right away.


Thank you Chester Santos. The training that you have provided has brought me hope. I have amazed myself with what Ive been able to do since buying this app a couple of days ago. My family cant believe it either. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart!

Good but could be better

I like the app. But how to use it is not intuitive. Im stuck in the last of the journeys and dont know how to use it.

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